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Table of Great Music Through Rock's History

examples of music from each musical era and artist I reviewed

Click titles to got to page of musical reviews and listen to some of the music

Pre-Blues Johnson Leadbelly Waters & King The 50s Clapton et al Hendrix Hard & Heavy Cobain et al Industrial The Future
Po' Lazurus (Chain Gang) Come on in my Kitchen Goodnight Irene Hoochie Coochie Man (Waters) Johnny B Goode (C. Berry) Black (Stones) Castles made of Sand Paranoid (Ozzy) Smells Like...Spirit(Cobain) Closer(NIN) I'll Play The Blues For You (C King)
Lonesome Valley (Fairfield 4) Red Hot Gallow's Pole 3 O'clock Blues (King) Little Queenie (C. Berry) What Condition (K. Rogers) Highway Chile Creeping Death (Metallica) Come As You Are (Cobain) Guilty (Gravity Kills) Come on in my Kitchen(C King)
Go to Sleep (Krauss et al) Love in Vain Jean Harlow You Don't Know Me (King) Almost Grown (C. Berry) Crossroads (Clapton) Voodoo Chile Becoming (Pantera) Pennroyal Tea (Cobain) Sweet Dreams (Manson) Wanna..Smile on My Face (C King)
Down to the River (Krauss) Me and The Devil Blues This Morning Thrill Is Gone (King) Wooden Heart (Elvis) White Room (Clapton) Fire More Human Than Human (Zombie) Lithium (Cobain) Trip Like I Do (Filter) Gambling Woman (C King)
Swing/Jazz Guitar Crossroads In The Pines Help The Poor (King) Puppet on a String (Elvis) Bell Bottom Blues (Clapton) Hey Joe Bulls on Parade (Rage) In The Pines (Cobain) Du Hast (Rammstein) Hollow (Maynard)
O Death (R. Stanley) Sweet Home Chicago Hobo's Lullaby Ridin With The King (King & Clapton) Jailhouse Rock (Elvis) Tears in Heaven (Clapton) Hear My Trains A-Comin Freak On a Leash (Korn) No Excuses (Alice in Chains) Right Round (Dope) Muhammed My Friend (Maynard & Amos)
Angel Band (Stanley Bros.) Traveling Riverside Blues (Update soon) Can't be Satisfied (Waters) Great Balls of Fire (Lewis) Ridin With The King (Clapton & King) Wind Cries Mary Cowboy (Kid Rock) Creep (Stone Temple Pilots) Opiate (TOOL) Diary of A Madman (Maynard)
I Am Weary (Cox Family) Last Fair Deal Gone Down (Update soon) I Feel Like Going Home (Waters) In The Ghetto (Elvis) All Along The Watchtower (Dylan) All Along The Watchtower Hey Man, Nice Shot (Filter) Loser (3 Doors Down) Aenima (TOOL) Soul Aflame (Shadowfax)

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