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This is another movie you may have heard about, but I find few have seen, well now it's on video, so see it. An oscar nominated film of rare caliber, this is the classic story of the Marquis De Sade (played wonderfully be Geoffery Rush). In an insane asylum in the heart of 19th century France, a locked away author spins tales of erotic fantasy and realistic violence, and a chamber maid (Kate Winslet) smuggles the books out for publication, against the wishes of the priest running the asylum (Joaquin Pheonix). Things go from bad to worse for the Marquis and his assistant when a sexually deviant doctor (Michael Caine) comes in to rectify the situation. An unequled film. Watch it tonight. ***** stars out of 5. Ratings Break-Down: Teaches a Lesson: ***** (out of 5) Evokes Emotion: ***** Acting: ***** (out of 5) Writing: ***** (out of 5) Directing:***** (out of 5).