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Another good movie that was out in theatres, but few have seen, Pay it Forward is the story of one child's plan (played by Harry Joel Osment) to change the world. The plan is this: do a really good deed to three individuals, and tell them to "pay it forward", or in other words, do the same to three others and so on. Meanwhile, his horribly scarred teacher (Kevin Spacey) is starting a relationship with the boy's alcoholic mother (Helen Hunt). Meanwhile, a journalist touched by "Pay it Forward" is trying to find the source of the movement. A real tear jerker that may change the way you look at the world. ***** stars out of 5. Ratings Break-Down: Teaches a Lesson: ***** (out of 5) Evokes Emotion: ***** Acting: ***** (out of 5) Writing: ***** (out of 5) Directing:***** (out of 5).