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Chris Thomas King: A Modern Blues Master

'I learned how to play this here guitar real good'

-Chris Thomas King (playing Tommy Johnson for O Brother..)

I really don't know much about Chris Thomas King's life, but I plan to update this page soon, I mainly included this page to get people's attention about this rising young musician. He's from New Orleans, LA. and his father was a blues bassist. Rolling Stone called this man "the heir to Muddy Waters and Jimi Hendrix" and I heartily agree. His unique style of blending classic blues guitar riffs with modern rap, R&B, alternative, classic rock and, even reggae styles puts him in a class by himself. He successfully mixes his unique guitar talents with: alternative rock sounds in such songs as "I'll Play the Blues For You", classic rock like "Wanna die with a smile on my face", classic blues with new sounds in such songs as "Superstitious Blues" and his rendition of Rober Johnson's "Come on in my Kitchen" and rap/R&B in songs like "Cain". This is just a sample of a portfolio that already rivals the many great rock and blues masters who came before him. His recent involvement and supporting role as a fictionalized character based on Robert Johnson in the hit movie, "O Brother, Where art Thou?" has begun to bring him the attention he deserves. Look for his most recent album "Me, My Guitar, and the Blues", along with his next, "O Brother: The Legend of Tommy Johnson". I have a feeling that this rising star may be the source of some major changes in the field of rock and blues. I'm going to add more to this page soon.

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