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Kevin Smith's masterpiece about faith and religon. Two renegade angels endanger the world, and an abortion doctor is chosen by heaven to srop them. This is a comedy with a message, and I think this message is very important. As the main character makes discoveries about faith and about herself, so do we. The all star cast includes: Kevin Smith himself, Linda Fiorentino, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Alan Rickman, Jasom Mewes, Jason Lee, Chris Rock, and Salma Hayeck (whew). If you haven't seen this one yet, go out and rent it tonight! ***** stars out of 5. Ratings Break-Down: High-Brow Comedy: ***** Low-Brow Comedy: ***** (Out of 5) Acting: ***** (out of 5) Writing: ***** (out of 5) Directing:***** (out of 5).